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graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> in our top stories, voters will start heading to the polls in just under an hour to decide virginia's political future. the latest poll has bob mcdonnell way out in front with 15 points over creigh deeds. >> the health care bill headed for a vote in the house is apparently more expensive than advertised. it will cost $1.2 trillion or more over a decade. several business groups have launched a campaign against it. >> president obama is warning hamid karzai to end the corruption in this country. he won election by default after his only challenger drops out. the president is still deciding whether to send more troops to the war zone. >> the swine flu vaccine -- a single dose works well for almost all pregnant women. young children will need two doses for best results. just 25% had a strong response after 21 days. among the three to 9 year old, another percentage did. a second dose helped. montgomery cnty officials say they are giving their last 250 jectable doses to pregnant women only. >> the vac
has investigated with stunning results. >>> and the time of her life. patrick swayze's wife, lisa niemi on the love story and lessons about grief as she joins us ahead. and it's so good to have you with us. good morning, america. diane sawyer with robin roberts on this tuesday, november 3rd, 2009. another election day. >> not exactly super tuesday but a few tight races across the country closely being watched for what could be an indication of the country's political mood and the obama administration. >> new jersey and virginia and a special congressional election has vice president biden in a public sparring match with sarah palin. for more to john berman. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, diane. from watertown, new york, where the polls are now open. this is ground zero for one of the most contentious races in the country. it's also the site of the latest debate between joe biden and sarah palin. palin versus biden. sound familiar? no, not a replay of last year but proof that in the final minutes of this campaign the big guns are showing up big time. the neck and ne
from time to time. let's take a morning and again to lisa baden. >> election day traffic looks great in frederick county. 95 southbound in virginia, they are still with a crash between 17 and route 3. a deer hit a vehicle on the baltimore washington parkway northbound between powdered milk and 197. we take you to the traffic on 270 and it is good. with more on election day, alison and doug. >>> voters will head to the polls to decide whether creigh deeds or bob mcdonnell should spend the next four years in the governor's mansion. the latest polls show republicans could take back the state after a series of setbacks. >> the race could all come down to turnout. courtney robinson has more in alexandria at this morning. " we're seeing about a dozen voters out here at riverside elementary school in mount vernon. they are out to cast their votes. election officials are hoping about 45% of virginia voters, 2.2 million, hit the polls today. 99,000 have cast absentee ballots. it is all about turnout for bob mcdonnell and creigh deeds. >> i believe the votes are out there. we have to get the t
far, there is nothing out of line. here's lisa stark. >> reporter: in a washington, d.c., conference rooms, experts around the country gathered to scour for the smallest clues that the vaccine is causing reactions. government's pointman on the vaccine says millions who have received the vaccine so far, only 302 reported side effects. nothing that would raise a red flag to say, this vaccine may not be safe. >> we're looking hard. we have many systems in place. >> reporter: the government's massive surveillance effort involves cross-checking lists of those who have received the vaccine with later side effects. private heaeah care plans covering 20 million americans. doctors in the public can report side effects to a government vaccine data bababs. rampd out to handle 1,000 reports per day there's skepticism. nearly a one-third of americans believe that the vaccine is not safe. it's still unclear what went so wrong. the government insist today's vaccine are much safer but wants to ensure no repeat. >> we're going to continue to look. we don't expect toee much. >> reporter: the message f
is traveling with the union workers right now, and she joins me now on the telephone. lisa, thanks for joining us. what can you tell us? >> republicans and democrats, they are doing everything they can to get their voters to the polls. it is a tough race, with john christn corzine and chris chrise trading votes. neil: who brings out their base, and chris christie was reported after he voted this morning in one county that they are coming out in droves, his guys. jon corzine in his camp has been saying effectively the same thing. any indication as to who is bringing out more of their base of >> -- their base? >> it seems to be picking up a little bit, according to the people on the ground, and it is several hours before the polls close. neil: right, lisa, there are several reports that we are getting that the counties that john mccain won in new jersey, largely republican conservative counties in the state, that chris christie is running up a big support there, bigger than john mccain enjoyed their last year. do you know anything about that? >> i do not know about those counties in particular,
tested contain some bpa. an additive that's been linked to a long list of health problems. here's lisa stark. >> reporter: "consumer reports" says the results of its bpa tests offer a senateshot of what consumers will find in the grocery store. and they say it's not a pretty picture. >> consumer cannot tell how much bpa may have gotten into the food in any canned food item that they pick up, and the story here is, you don't know, and i can't know. >> reporter: bpa is a chemical that has long been used in everything from baby bottles to the lining of canned goods. some studies have linked bpa exposure to reproductive problems and increased risk of cancer and diabetes. consumers union found the highest del monte green beans and progreso vegetable soup. >> that child could ingest a dose close to the level that already causes harm in animal studies. >> reporter: the test even found the chemical in vital choice cantu that, marketed as bpa free. the economy says it is dismayed and is determined to find the source of the problem. it was a different story in paper products. no bpa in similac p
revenue streams during this tough economy and lisa has a degree in early childhood education. we've had success with adult cooking classes but we needed expertise for those whereas with kids cooking classes, you can get by with lisa's expert in early childhood education, they put the class together and offers a great variety of different classes. all of the classes are themes. they're around the holiday, like halloween, thanksgiving or christmas, they will be deered toward those. and so far it's been very successful. we've had all of our classes full and so we're going to expand with that and take it where we can take it. and the kids love it. >> reporter: and the parents love it. because it not omen gauges the kids but its teaching them something valuable they can live in life. >> our mission is to make it easier to sit down together for a meal. and getting the kids involved is another key item in getti your family together around the dinner table. when they can participate or cook the meal for you. we've had kids from classes take their menu home and buy the ingredients and make the e
there. we have a great menu. we did fruit kabobs, our quiche is in the oven. in fact lisa, one of the co- owners, lisa, let's check on it. what does it look like? let's get our pot holder. it's baking about an hour and these are our ham and cheese. >> reporter: do you think those look good? >> yah. >> reporter: and moving on to our blue berry pancakes. those are the favorite. everybody, let's give it up for the pancakes. and here is what we have going down. we got the boy pancakes and the girl pancakes. so we'll call these cute cakes and these cool cakes. and you guys are going to lead the way. so start making those. and as we do those, i want to check in with kay quickly. obviously, this has been very popular. what do you think the kids walk away with when they spend a couple of hours here? >> i think they walk away with a appreciation for the kitchen because they see everything that goes into it, not just the cooking but the cleanup. because in between each activity they have to clean up. >> reporter: i can vouch for that. in between they were cleaning. >> so when the h1n1 scare is on,
they say there's nothing out of line. here's lisa stark. >> reporter: in a washington, d.c. conference room, experts from around the country gathered to scour for even the smallest clues that the h1n1 vaccine is causing dangerous reactions. dr. bruce gellen is the government's point man for the vaccine and says of the millions who have received the vaccine so far there have been 302 reported side effects. >> mostly sore arms, malaise, fever, things like that. >> reporter: nothing that would raise a red flag to y, oh-oh, this vaccine may not be safe? >> we're looking hard. we have many different systems in place. so far we haven't seen anything that worries us. >> reporter: the government's massive surveillance effort involves cross-checking lists of those who have received the vaccine with any later reports of health problems. data will come from health records from the department of defense, veteran affairs, the indian health service, medicare. and even from private health care plans covering 20 million americans. doctors and the public can also report side effects to a government vaccine
, as i like to call it. >> reporter: in the winery, lisa takes over, turning these grapes into an award-winning syrha. >> you are trying to capture the unique soil, the special place we have here and bring that all into the wine. >> reporter: will a biodynamic wine taste better? not necessarily, but they are producing syrhas that get a 90 from robert parker. more importantly, their vineyard isn't polluting the workers or the land. just the opposite. they are allowing their corner of the earth to evolve naturally, and harness the power of nature for their creation. >> when somebody drinks a glass of our wine, i want them to remember our mountainside vineyard. i want them to remember our rocky soils. i want them to remember our native grasses on the vineyard floor and the fact we are biodynamic. >> reporter: biodynamic farming was created by an austrian former in the 1990s. to reach and find out where you can buy it here go to and search "going green." >> what beautiful country. >> it's lely. it's so great out there. >>> still to come on news4 at 5:00, virginia voters co
. councilwoman mary norwood is among the front runners for the job along with lisa borders and state senator kasim reid. >>> new this morning, more than half of america's kids could be on food stamps during childedhood. these kids may be at risk for nal nutrition and the recession could push the alarming numbers even higher. the study is in the archives of pediatrics and adolescent medical sin. >>> police say it could be weeks before they identify six women found dead at a home in cleveland. the coroner is collecting dental records for several missing women, including nancy kobz who lived in the neighborhood. he also is asking their relatives to provide dna samples. but one missing persons advocate says the deaths could have been prevented. >> nancy cobbs walked to the store. walked to the store on 116th and hasn't been seen since. six families are going to get horrible news. better if we had a missing persons department or an active, ongoing investigation in all of these cases as much as possible, maybe none of this would have happened. >> police are trying to get a warrant to collect dna f
expensive. lisa and another one of her assistants was actually taking off the price tag so that sarah palin couldn't see how much things were and she couldn't complain. the spending did continue, it wasn't at some of the higher he said stores, but it still did continue and she was getting more self-conscious throughout the campaign to what brands she was wearing to the way she looked like because people kept on commenting, something she wasn't used to in alaska. >> who's fault is it in the end? is it the candidate's job to adjust to the campaign you're entering on or is it the campaign's i don't think to adjust to the candidate you've brought in? >> she was the kapd dat, but you have to remember she was supposed to be the vice presidential candidate. and she was supposed to go along with what john mccain wanted to do and she's sort of taken ownership of this phrase going rogue, but really to many of the mccain staffers, it was very irritated that she time and again towards the end of the cam been especially was going off and doing her own thing. >> very interesting stuff. you're the first o
-runners and lisa borders and reid. no n. new york city major michael bloomberg expected to win a third term. much smaller scale than his 2005 victory. in houston, big news could be made here. may elect its first openly gay mayor. city controller annise parker facing off with a two-term city councilm councilman. >>> florida family made a plea for help finding a missing mom with a baby on the way. she is two months frpregnant. her family says she went to see her unborn child's father last week and has not been seen since. they are not sure what to tell her 5-year-old son. >> i hope she's not hurt. if anybody knows anything or saw her, just hope they come forward. >> police have talked to the father of watkins' baby twice but will not reveal what he told them. >>> pilot had to make an emergency landing yesterday after byrds hit the plane. this happens every day. the delta flight was headed from phoenix to salt lake city when this happened. impact left a teeny tiny hole above the cockpit window. there was only surface damage so the pilot circled back to phoenix and did land safely. >> the pilot just
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)